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NDT-Union Oy
Vuoksenniskankatu 6
20200 Turku

Kari Vahtera, MD / NDT-level III (VT)

Jari Liikkanen, Quality Manager / NDT-level III (MT)


NDT - Non-Destructive Testing

• Level 3 services for Visual Testing

Crane and Lifting device Inspections

• Together with our cooperators we provide inspections for cranes and lifting devices

Qualification of welders

  •  Examining qualification of welders
  • Our cooperator also provides Destructive testing services

Training services

• Visual inspection and quality management training
• Always designed to according to our customers needs
• During 2015 we'll also start providing a VT-training that enables our candidates to participate in examinations according to ISO 9712

NDT – Non-Destructive Testing

Visual Inspection

• For all materials
• For surface flaws
• The most important method

Magnetic Particle Inspection

• For ferromagnetic materials
• For surface flaws

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

• For non-porous materials
• For surface flaws

Ultrasonic Inspection

• For almost all materials
• For thicknesses over 8mm
• For internal flaws
• Thickness measurement

Digital Radiographics

• Weld inspections

• Internal flaws

• Corrosion analysis

• We're using Vidisco's equipment


Are you the new inspection expert of the NDT-Union ?
Would you like to hear more? Tell us about yourself, your skills and your ideas.
We want to recruit an inspector with an “eyes wide open”-attitude, who holds no limitations to his/her deveploment.
All applicants must be fluent in finnish.